Wedding & Event Planning

NWE would love to be a part of your special day!

Planners that truly care

We know the pressure that comes with planning that perfect day and how much time and energy goes into all the fine details. That’s why NWE is here to help! We offer our expertise and planning capabilities to help you get organized. Since we are experts in the wedding & event industry, you can trust that our guidance will help prevent any anxiety or stress getting in the way. We will ensure that everything goes exactly as planned so you and your family can enjoy your special day filled with happy moments and wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

Do I need a planner?


Here are a few reasons why you should hire a wedding/event planner:

Cost Savings​

Our team of wedding/event planners can save you up to thousands of dollars in fees ranging from flowers to photography and so much more. We will guide and advise you on everything you need for your special day. Even more importantly, we can give you advise on what you do NOT need to make your day perfect. 

Stress Free​

We protect you from stress on your special day. This could be anything from a simple case of flowers not arriving in time, to dealing with last-minute changes in your guest count on the day of the wedding/event. We are there to keep things running smoothly as unforeseen things happen all the time, however, thanks to having a wedding/event planner, we will be able to handle them in an effective way. If we had a dollar for all the things that could go wrong on wedding days, we would be… well, you know…

Vendor Relationships​

We here at NWE have strong relationships with all wedding & event vendors in our area such as photographers, caterers, makeup artists and other experienced professionals. Without a wedding/event planner, you’re left to do all the hard work yourself. This also means that you’d be liable for choosing any potential vendors that may not be the best fit for your wedding/event. Let us bring the best vendors in our industry to you!

Options with NWE

Hourly Planning

Every detail matters

Here are some examples on what we can help you with:

  • Provide our professional recommendations on vendors & venues.
  • Discussion of theme, colour, style & complete wedding design.
  • Research of wedding professionals in each category that fits your style & budget.
  • Provide you with suggestions & guidance, pros/cons in making final decisions.
  • Coordination & communication with venues & hired vendors.
  • Attendance at vendor appointments.
  • Making many lists and double checking them more than twice! 

Day of Coordination

We build your dream around you

Here are some examples on what we can help you with:

  • Wedding day timeline creation.
  • Ceremony rehearsal coordination.
  • Wedding day emergency kit (or as some like to call it, the “oh sh*t kit”).
  • Pick-up and delivery of bouquets, boutonnières and any florals for your venue(s).
  • Ceremony decor/florals/pew markers set up and tear down.
  • Cake/cupcake/dessert pick up and set up.
  • Greeting guests and making sure they sign your guestbook and know where to place cards/gifts.
  • Lighting candles or turning on any candles/lights before guests arrive.
  • Ceremony coordination to help your wedding party get down the aisle!
  • Day of Coordinator to be sure everyone is on time (including vendors) and that the order of events are followed.

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